IFTTT Integration

IFTTT is a web service that allows you to connect the services, apps and products you use in everyday life.  Our new HomeSeer Channel on IFTTT allows you to connect your online world with all the things you do at home… and vice versa. With IFTTT and HomeSeer, the connected web meets the connected home!


Benefits & Cool Stuff

HomeSeer’s IFTTT channel extends the reach of your HS3 system to nearly 200 web apps, products and cloud services. The possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination.  Here are a few things to try

  • Control a Belkin WeMo device, Phillips Hue bulb or Nest product using any trigger in HomeSeer!
  • Launch a HomeSeer event from a tweet, Facebook post or YouTube submission!
  • Launch a HomeSeer event when you enter or leave an area!
  • Launch a HomeSeer event when a sporting activity is about to begin!
  • Much much more!

Example Applets (Recipes)

IFTTT HomeSeer Service Applet
IFTTT HomeSeer Service Applet
IFTTT HomeSeer Service Applet
IFTTT HomeSeer Service Applet

HomeSeer Channel Triggers & Actions

HomeSeer / IFTTT users will be able to create recipes with these triggers and actions


  • A device is turned on (includes Z-Wave on-off devices and HomeSeer virtual devices)
  • A device is turned off (includes Z-Wave on-off devices and HomeSeer virtual devices)

Note: HomeSeer virtual devices provide the capability to create virtually any type of trigger. See this How To for details


  • Run a HomeSeer event (very powerful and flexible. This one action can do ANYTHING in your home!)
  • Turn on a device
  • Turn off a device
  • Dim a device
  • Lock a door lock
  • Unlock a door lock
  • Change a thermostat’s cool set-point
  • Change a thermostat’s heat set-point
  • Change a thermostat’s operating mode to auto
  • Change a thermostat’s operating mode to off
  • Change a thermostat’s operating mode to cool
  • Change a thermostat’s operating mode to heat

Note: Actions work with Z-Wave switches, dimmers, door locks and thermostats. If you wish to control non Z-Wave devices, use the action to “Run a HomeSeer event” and create HomeSeer events that include your non Z-Wave devices.


Our IFTTT channel requires a MyHomeSeer Remote web account and any HomeSeer HS3-based System. Use the following procedure to get up and running in minutes:

  1. Make sure your HomeSeer system is running
  2. Register for a MyHomeSeer Remote account, if you do not already have one.
  3. Register for an IFTTT account, if you do not already have one.
  4. Log into IFTTT, browse the list of channels and select the HomeSeer channel. Click the Activate button. You’ll be prompted for your MyHomeSeer Remote credentials.
  5. That’s it!  Now you’ll be able to add other channels and start creating your recipes!

*You’ll need to update your HomeSeer system to v3.0.0.163 or later to unlock all the IFTTT Channel features.

Help / Support
Look for the IFTTT forum on our HomeSeer Message Board for tips, tricks, frequently asked questions and other help. If you need additional help, don’t hesitate to contact our support team directly.

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