Video Festival

The organizers of the 27th ECBIP 2023 AEER are  pleased to announce that submissions are open for videos relating to “state of the art” updates and procedural techniques that enhance education and research in the fields of interventional pulmonology, laryngology, pleural diseases, tracheobronchology and esophagology.

An independent jury will judge all submissions to designate prizes in three categories (Scientific content, Innovation, and Imaging). In addition, a Jury Selection for Best Video Award will be presented and the video shown at the Congress’s Opening Ceremony. Additionally, all videos will be on permanent display throughout the congress.

Awards & recognition

  • ERBE Awards: The best video will be awarded with a prize of 1500€.
  • Best overall video and other significant videos shall be posted on ECBIP 2023 AEER ‘s Facebook, Twitter and other social media
  • All videos will be on permanent display throughout the congress


  • In order to submit and present filmmaker you must be registered of the ECBIP 2023 AEER Congress.
  • Videos must not exceed FIVE (5) minutes in running time.
  • Submissions must be received by the above deadline, and accompanied by:
    • A completed submission form (download link below)
    • A label indicating the title of the video, the filmmaker’s name, the presenter’s name, and contact information
    • A list of names and titles of coauthors or appropriate credits
  • Videos marketing commercial names, company brands or containing elements that might lead to patient identification is not allowed. Such videos will be disqualified from competition.
  • There are no limits to the number of submissions allowed per participant.

Upload & submit

In order to submit your promotional video, please click on the button below which will direct you to the video submission form.

The video should be sent to the following e-mail address: