HS4 Home Automation Software

Build Your Own Hub!

Our smart home software has been the preferred platform for DIY smart home hub builders for more than 20 years.
Locally Managed Home Automation Software for Windows, Linux or Raspberry Pi Computers

Smart Home Software for Every Need & Budget

Our Best Selling Software!

Turn your Raspbery Pi computer into a powerful smart home hub with HS4-Pi! 

Our Best Value Software!

Turn your Windows or Linux computer into a powerful smart home hub with HS4! 

Our Best Software!

Our PRO edition includes a custom touchscreen designer, Z-Seer+ & Z-Flash! 

Why Choose HomeSeer?

Reliable & Fast

Automations are processed locally for the highest level of performance with no delays.

Safe & Secure

All your information is stored on your system at home, not in the cloud.


Automations continue to fire even if your Internet connection goes down.


HomeSeer works with thousands of popular products from hundreds of companies.

Voice & More

HomeSeer is compatible with Amazon & Google smart speakers & with IFTTT.

Future Proof

Our systems don’t rely on a cloud service. Your smart home investment is secure.

Smart Home Apps

Our mobile apps provide easy and powerful ways to monitor and control your HomeSeer system!

HomeSeer Mobile

Our Standard App


HSTouch Mobile App
Fully Customizable Control!

What Works With HomeSeer?

Attention HS3 Users!

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See What Others Are Saying

James M

5 Star Rating

“Best Automation Software Ever! I’ve tried Smartthings, Home Assistant, Vera, and Donomitcz and HomeSeer is by far the best and most compatible system I’ve used. Also response times are incredible, no more waiting for the request to go out to cloud and back. Also works great if your internet goes down.”

Steve A

5 Star Rating

“Homeseer HS3Pro My conversion for Vera Edge has been fairly painless, although some of the Homeseer UI isnt as easy to use, the biggest gain is MQTT and control over what running on my home controller. The homeseer store transaction was easy, and homeseer support has been excellent.”


5 Star Rating

Works better than all the others.
I’ve used ISY (for 5 years), Vera (for 5 years), Wink, InControl, and several others briefly OpenHAB, Home Assistant (HAS), and smaller players. While HomeSeer is more expensive, it is far more stable than Vera and far easier to setup than the free alternatives like HAS & OHAB. 

David W

5 Star Rating

“Flexible Home Automation HS3 is by far the most flexible home automation software. This is definitely one of those you get what you pay for scenarios. HS3 has the largest amount of things it works/integrates with and it’s flexibility is always increasing. Very happy with my purchase!”

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