Help for Discontinued Products

We can’t provide a lot of direct help for older discontinued products. However, we can certainly host a few guides and resource you might find useful.

Technical Support

Need HomeSeer Product Help?
HomeSeer offers unlimited support on all current HomeSeer products. Legacy products are no longer supported and will require the use of the Message Board for support.

Message Board
Our FREE community forum is open 24 hours a day and is a great resource for support and assistance from other HomeSeer system users..

Licensing Help
Forgot your license codes? No problem! Just submit this form and your codes will be emailed to you right away!


How To’s
Our message board includes an extensive collection of ‘how to’s” on a wide range to topics. Click here to browse the list.

Video Demos & Tutorials
Be sure to visit our Official YouTube channel to watch the latest video tutorials and product demos!

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